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Modern Web Builders or “classy” code
May 9, 2023

When a client comes to us with a request for a website, it is very important to understand what exactly he needs. The approaches to project implementation can be different.

We have tried GitPod, a cloud-based development environment
April 13, 2023

Are you thinking about working with GitPod? Read on for the pros and cons of this tool that we encountered when we tested it.

Recommended minimum SDK version for Android projects
March 15, 2023

Are you unsure of which minimum supported Android version to choose for your project? This article will guide you through the various factors that have the greatest impact on your choice of minimal SDK. By providing a comprehensive overview of these factors, you'll be able to make a more informed decision for your project.

8 tips on how to become a better developer
December 15, 2022

How to raise the developers skill level as quickly as possible? Here is a relatively brief summary of what may be the most important.

How do we maintain the same code formatting across our team in the web department?
September 26, 2022

Adherence to uniform formatting and code quality rules should be a standard in every development team. See how we approach this problem in our web department.

Download large files with Retrofit and show progress
August 24, 2022

Does your application need to download a file from internet and store it locally? If you are using the Retrofit library, your app may crash when downloading larger files. Let’s discover why this issue may occur and how to prevent it.

We have tried working with Mapbox, what possibilities does it offer?
July 22, 2022

We were faced with a challenge - to create an application based on a map.How did Mapbox Studio help us? How did we implement everything for the project and what limitations did we encounter?

What's the point of your mobile app? We ask our clients even at the potential cost of losing the job
June 30, 2022

The development of mobile applications is not just about programming itself. In order for the application to be effective, you need to think and ask a lot of questions first. What does this mean in practice?

Software testing with or without testers?
March 2, 2022

Is a tester really needed in software development? Should programmers also do software testing? The tester can bring experience and an independent view.

What are the tricky parts in developing an application for designing braces based on 3D jaw models?
February 5, 2022

We are developing an application that will help to correctly model braces according to the current position of the patients' teeth for one of our clients in the field of orthodontics.

SYNETECH has become a company with holacratic principles. How did we get here?
January 13, 2022

Transforming a classic company into a holacratic doesn’t happen just like that. Find out all the steps we have taken so far and that the best path to making a transition is always your own.

Do you need to accelerate your application development process and find inspiration? We have a solution
November 29, 2021

Do you need to accelerate the development of your mobile applications or software, as well as inspire or increase development capacity? The solution is an external dedicated team.

How to choose a software supplier?
August 10, 2021

The choice of software supplier is crucial for the success of software or mobile application development. Find out what is recommended by the big companies as well as by us.

Holacratic management bridges the gap between the supplier and the client
August 10, 2021

Holacracy not only streamlines and speeds up business processes, but also bridges the gap between business and client. Have you heard of holacracy?

Our senior iOS and Android Devs in German business tadoº: disciplined work environment… or are you just chilling playing table football?
June 10, 2021

Read what our senior iOS and Android developers have learned while working at tadoº. What would they bring over to SYNETECH and what would they leave to the Germans?

Agile development - a dream come true for both the supplier and the client?
May 27, 2021

Should an agile development methodology be the ultimate goal of both the client and the supplier? Or, is the waterfall method with a fixed price better?

What can go wrong when uploading an app to the AppStore?
April 17, 2021

The creation of a mobile application, unlike the creation of websites, ends with its upload to the relevant store - Android on Google Play and iOS on the AppStore. And it was on the AppStore and its specifics that we focused on in the article.

The alchemy of pricing software development or what lies behind six-digit rates
March 30, 2021

Software development (even mobile applications ) is complicated and expensive, so we want to transparently cover the process of pricing - how we at Synetech do it after receiving a request for Fixed time Fixed price project (FTFP).

We are with guarantor Ted, talking about why the web team is growing and why he would pay for the team to take a cooking class
March 26, 2021

Check out this interview with web developer Tadeáš. How does his team work? Who is the ideal client? And how can a cooking course help developers?

We co-founded the Association of Software Agencies ASWA
February 5, 2021

Our goal is to advance the software development industry and improve the quality of digital products. We will help with procurement and educate the public and private sectors.

Specifics of application development for iOS and Android. Are you Apple or Android lover?
January 5, 2021

Application development for iOS and Android are two different worlds. Read an interview with application development guarantors from each operating system within the Synetech team.

iOS vs.  Android: Basic facts and the differences in application development
January 5, 2021

iOS vs. Android. Who uses what? Where is it headed? And how is the development of mobile applications different for both operating systems? Read more.

How can our ready-made software development functions save you hundreds of thousands of crowns?
October 26, 2020

Software development, for mobile applications or the web, can be expensive. So how do you develop software for a client without ruining them financially? The answer is our two part in-house solution called "Base App" and "Dynamic Screens".

Lean Canvas: A business plan that saves you time, money and energy
September 24, 2020

Lean Canvas is a concise business plan that can reveal gaps in your projects and save you time, money and energy. Do you know how to create one?

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - an effective way to develop mobile applications
September 1, 2020

Do you want to develop a successful mobile application that your customers will really appreciate? Start with the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Read more in our article.

How to migrate Room database painlessly
August 20, 2020

While intimidating, database migration is bound to come up from time to time. This article will guide you through the process of Room database migration.

Reactive Countdown
August 5, 2020

Countdown within mobile applications is not a common feature, yet it might sometimes be very important, useful and/or user friendly when added as an application feature.

Digitization of internal processes: Away with paper and employee frustration
August 4, 2020

Let's take a closer look at why it makes sense for us to focus on internal processes and digitize them.

What is the process of mobile app development, step by step?
June 25, 2020

Mobile app development is a complex process, so we decided to break it down a bit with SYNETECH’s CEO, Vratislav Zima.

Keynote WWDC 2020: pleasure for users, but what about iOS developers?
June 23, 2020

CTO Dan Rutkovský comments on the Main Keynote WWDC 2020 – he was at the heart of the event in San Francisco last year.

What does augmented reality (AR) bring? A revolution in e-commerce, marketing and much more
May 28, 2020

Augmented reality has never been more accessible - the usage of AR technology is no longer just the prerogative of a few global Brands. Find out more about what AR can bring to your business.

How we are dealing with COVID 19 while managing app development studio?
April 20, 2020

An economic crisis is likely to come. How do we deal with it as well as the uncertainty caused by this coronavirus pandemic?

Digital trends 2020 - focused on mobile. Next steps for your business.
April 1, 2020

Coronacrisis suppresses the activities of companies and it is almost certain that the business world will change beyond recognition. But the technological world is changing also. To stay up to date...

How to simply take company accounting into the 21st century? For example by using a mobile app to scan and store receipts in a cloud.
March 25, 2020

Did you know that the vast majority of companies are struggling with keeping receipts in physical form, sticking them on paper sheets?

The notes of CEO from India - country, where 300 million people are waiting for your application
March 20, 2020

India is the Mecca not only for technical support, but for developers in general, and also as a hatchery for startups. How does tech business in this country differ from the Czech Republic?

How can AppParade help your mobile app?
February 28, 2020

3 AppParades, a thousand people in the venue, the same number views of the live stream, over 70 top applied projects and interviews in mass media like Česká televize

What is it like to develop a global application for sales with thousands of products?
February 11, 2020

What's specific about a global mobile app development? What would we advise a company that considers global e-commerce app?

Augmented Reality and its easier usage with iOS 13 and “Reality” tools? Not quite so...
January 31, 2020

Apple is without a doubt a few steps ahead of the competition in terms of augmented reality.

How is social network being developed?
December 3, 2019

New app is released, we have took the backend over, we learned many functions interesting for your business

Are you going to launch a new product? We have a few tips on how to define it the right way.
November 29, 2019

In Prague, these product professionals meet under the heading Product tank Prague. This time it was at venue significant to the topic and the background for the discipline - LMC.

To help ourselves and the whole development community grow and to show the best mobile apps to the public. That’s the new AppParade’s mission.
November 19, 2019

Další AppParade je na spadnutí, a tak jsme si o téhle platformě pro mobilní vývojáře, startupy, zadavatele aplikací a všechny fanoušky technologických trendů popovídali s ředitelem akce a naším CEO Vratislavem Zimou. Co jste možná AppParade nevěděli?

We celebrate November 17 with Festival svobody, an app and augmented reality
November 17, 2019

17. listopad se blíží, což znamená spoustu oslav naší třicetileté demokracie.

WWDC - The Best Conference of My Life
July 4, 2019

Pokud naše sociální sítě sledujete pravidelně, určitě vám neuniklo, že jsem byl v San Jose na slavné konferenci WWDC.

7 tips on when it makes sense to create a mobile app for your projects
May 5, 2019

Uber, Airbnb, Tinder, Viber, Instagram… those mobile apps are being used by millions and their creators definitely don’t experience poverty…

Bye Java, hello Kotlin alias what do we love about Kotlin
April 12, 2019

In this article, I would like to share our one-year long experience with Kotlin on Android platform.

Is it your first time getting an app developed? We can give you a few tips
March 27, 2019

A significant moment has come! Finally, you have decided and you are sure that you need to get your project onto mobile platforms and you are wondering who to ask to get the mobile application developed…