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There is no hierarchy in our company. We trust our people and believe that the love for the work we do leads to a greater desire for responsibility. All of us aim to do our best and are passionate about increasing our knowledge.

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Within the last 8 years we have perfected our trainee program for newbies and found methods on how to develop old-timers. Also, our developers and designers are on the same page when handing over work.

What is guaranteed to be found in our office?

Good jokes, friendship and help provided to each other 🙂 ( well as a lot of coffee ☕️)

What mindset do we all share?

Thinking over our clients' business cases and having the desire to create meaningful products.

What can you expect

Peter Parker principle

As it was said in Spider-Man - “with great power comes great responsibility”. We are a holacratic company, we don't have any bosses and work in autonomous teams. The result is that we must take more personal responsibility, but it's worth it.

We don't play any roles

We are all friends. We hang out together after work, play sports together and our team buildings aren't something we are dragged along to, we are keen to go.

A Good deal of jokes

Be ready for a lot of laughs, jokes, memes in the Slack channels, the sudden appearance of funny pictures on the walls and maybe other funny surprises 🙂

We care for our people

Our 1on1 Buddy program guarantees that you can regularly talk with the buddy you choose about your needs, professional development or any struggles you have going on. We want you to be happy!

Interesting and various projects

You won't be working on one project for ages. You will get many interesting opportunities, check our case studies for ISIC, Oriflame, tado, Dudelo, NN Pojišťovna. And there is more.

Education Booster

You can devote one day a week to personal development and learning new skills. You will have your own budget for education that you can spend on whatever will boost your knowledge.

Native English teacher

No boring classes guaranteed. We meet with our Canadian teacher in small groups of three and chat about many topics, improving our grammar and business English. Lots of fun and a lot of new words included.

No hunger or anger

Coffee, lemonade, fruits, vegetables, sweets and snacks in the office are a must. And in case you need to relieve stress with sports, there is a Multisport Card available also.

No separation anxiety

We are an open culture, so if you struggle to leave your dog, hamster or fish at home, bring it to the office. We will make sure they will feel like royalty.

Remote work and Flexibiity

You are the Master of your time. Do you need to see a doctor or get your hair done? Sure, there is no problem. Some of us go to the office every day, some of us live in another part of the country or abroad.

Letná Lifestyle

Stepping out of the office you will be surrounded by nice restaurants, cafes and of course hipsters :) Our office is in an old architectural house in the middle of Letná. It's very easy to get here by public transport or bike.

Your own House

You will be part of one of our Houses according to your technology skills. We have House of iOS, Android, Web, Design or QA.

The values we stand for

House of Web

“I started at House of Web as a junior developer, but I quickly improved my skills. My colleagues from the House of Web paid a lot of attention to me, I had my mentor, everyone was great and helped me a lot in the beginning.”

House of iOS

"When I don't like something, I know that I have a chance to change it alongside the others. Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand here. Holidays, working hours, home-office, everything can be arranged."

House of Android

“Among all the tech things,  we also care bout our soft skills. Megu-Workshop of Nonviolent Communication, changed not only my professional life but personal as well. Maybe it can change yours too?”

House of Quality Assurance

“I'm glad that we care about each other and help each other move forward. 1on1 Buddy program, where we coach each other, is an ideal tool for this.”

House of Project Leads

“We love when we have a smooth partnership where we can work by agile methodology. Then we can focus on the project itself and leave the administration and other obstacles behind.”

House of HR

“We built the company on holacratic principles and decide everything together. Everyone's opinion is heard and they have the power to change things if they want to.”

People & Culture

Petra Fritsch

Prague Office

Veletržní 820/73
170 00 Praha 7
VAT ID: CZ03521117


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