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Strategy Analysis

Do you recognise a Discovery phase of the product? We prefer to start the cooperation here. We are ready set up a small experienced team with roles of Product lead, UX-UI and Senior SW developer. We have our methods and  journey-mapping scheme, and we are able to find solution alternatives.


We understand the problem and the solution, and we're fully committed to making a successful product. We shape the product and discard the wrong ideas before they cost you too much in terms of development. We help create a clear roadmap that we're always working towards.


Analysis document, User story map - Roles (personas) and their use cases baseline

Understanding Problem
Knowing Market Fit
Research Data Reading
Recognizing Competitors
Discussing Alternatives
Mapping Roles
Mapping User Stories
Solution & SW Architecture
Product Design
Illustration of strategy analysis. Looking for a plan & clarification.

Product Design

Are you ready to take your app idea to the next level? We can provide creative design thinking, from understanding customers' needs to an interactive prototype. Together with you, our design team will create stunning interfaces, and branding from scratch, Or develop customised visual solutions based on our experience with existing apps. Let's bring your project's visuals to life!


We get a glimpse of the finished digital product, with UI interface. Together we can provide usability testing for an evaluation of the functionality before its development.


Design prototype, Design system, Mobile app design, Website design, Design sprints review.

Design Ideation
Lo-fidelity Design
Design System
Design Sprints
Hi-fidelity Design
Design Prototype
Illustration of mobile app product design. Looking for form & function.

Prototyping & Testing

You shouldn’t avoid end users’ feedback. We need an example of the user base and to check the functionality and UI understanding. Because we want to avoid owner bias, we provide a usability test as a qualitative method with a small group of users with independent facilitation. 


We understand the value of the application and make a prioritisation based on usability and value for the end user, business, and tech. The goal is to mitigate risk and create the right inputs for acquisition campaigns in the early stages.


Web or mobile application prototype, deep-dive interview with customers example, interview record.

Verifying Ideas
Verifying Functionality
Solution Architecture
System Architecture
Acquisition Strategies
Product Design
Illustration for prototyping & testing of mobile apps

Application Development – Mobile, Web & Quality Assurance

We develop native mobile applications for iOS and Android operational systems. Our goal is stable apps with great performance and UX. If your expectation is longevity and a reliable mobile app, we will understand each other. We use modern architecture patterns shared within the team for long support and maintenance.

We create web-based solutions also. We have long term experience with mobile application web view wraps, combining mobile app code and mobile-first websites.
We develop web portals with frontend expertise and backend development with our partners.

And, last but not least, we have a complex team, including quality assurance engineers. Risk mitigation and testing processes are included. We work hard to keep your solution safe and guarded against unexpected costs in release phases, or in production and a live environment.

Illustration of mobile app & web development
Illustration of mobile app & web development


We are fast. We use our previous app use cases to improve certain areas of each application in the next delivery for you. We protect you from obvious development mistakes and concept failures. And, we are still with you in the ROI of functionalities to achieve the best value possible.


iOS and Android Native mobile application published to app stores, Implemented API and integrations to backend and 3rd party services. Or - websites or web-based applications.

Mobile App Development
Native iOS Development
Native Android Development
Agile Controlled Development
Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
Web Applications
QA Process
Illustration of app development. Building mobile apps.

Application Launch & Support

We understand app stores’ requirements and processes. So we can go straight toward the right planning for the app launch.
We automate the publishing of the release to a maximum. Our designers are prepared to collaborate with a launch campaign management team. Our support team is organized for continuous development, data collecting, and app evolution.


You need the system and applications working properly for the triangle - business, users and tech. We keep you on rails.
The process is ready to work on feedback from users. The system works reliably with good performance of applications. Your users' data helps your business decisions and roadmap building.


The application launched (new version) in the app stores, Data ready for analysis, Running monitoring of the system, Ticketing and support system is ready to use, Design for stores and campaigns developed.

Marketing Support
Release Management
Application Support
Data Analytics
Issue Prevention
Issue Tracking and Solving
Illustration of launching an app. Release, support & maintenance.

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Let's Talk
We use cookies on this page. View our Privacy Policy for more information.