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About us

Your partners

We consider ourselves trusted advisors to your business. Let’s create a partnership together based on assurance to create outcomes that will be beneficial to your business and also the customers.

Two things connect our team together - we put our hearts into every line of code (megu = love, affection), but we are also trying to do it methodically to achieve the most professional outputs (method).

What defines us

Our team of experts has been on the market since 2014. Back then we weren't called MeguMethod yet. We started by the name of SYNETECH. Over the years we gained a lot of experience and shaped our technical skills and processes. In 2022 we decided that we are not just a start up anymore and we should take things to the next level. We want to become a European agency instead of just a Czech one. That's how MeguMethod came to be.

Our primary focus and depth of expertise are on native mobile applications, but we are capable of helping our partners with websites and complex IT system solutions also.

Years on the market
Milions monthly active users
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Our values

Be a good person


We keep an unformal friendly atmosphere in our company, we keep our humor in almost every situation. With partners, we are trying to be informal and direct as we can. We don't bullshit anyone.

Love of craft

Our job is also a hobby to us, we are proactive, typically beyond our duty. Every megumaker puts his heart into his job. We want projects that will be seen and are going to make an impact.


We like to hang out with our colleagues, because they are more like friends to us, nobody is left behind even with problems that are not connected to the company. We build mutual trust, support self-development and use direct feedback.


Every MeguMaker can make an impact on our firm if they want to. In 2021 we adapted to holacratic principles. Our system is based on the distribution of shared responsibilities to smaller groups that are autonomous this way.

Be good at what you do


We care a lot about our outcomes. We deliver on promised deadlines, even if we have to work in the evening or on the weekend. Our technical houses use current architectures and technologies.


We always say things raw as they are. Internally and outwardly also. There is no shame in saying “I don't know” for us. We are communicating openly and honestly. Don't expect any fake smiles from us.


Vratislav Zima
CEO | Co-founder
Miroslav Voda
COO | Co-founder
Daniel Rutkovský
CTO | Co-founder
Zbyněk Hraše
Client Partner


České appky, které dobývají svět

Poslouchejte recepty na úspěšné aplikace. CEO Megumethod Vráťa Zima si povídá s tvůrci českých aplikací o jejich businessu.

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We give back

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Showcase your own mobile application at a prestigious exhibition for the whole Czech Republic to see. In need of inspiration? Check out the results from previous years.

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We’ve established the Association of Software Agencies to ensure that contracting authorities and suppliers are treated fairly. Check out the ASWA website for more!

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