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International IoT project about smart heating


One of the projects that come from the IoT industry and we can cooperate on it. tado° is a worldwide client, where we were part of a hybrid team in cooperation with their experts. Some of our developers were at the start of this project in history (in another company) and returned after a couple of years to make it even greater. We didn't only develop apps, but also provided technical leadership for some time. Our contribution was not only to iOS and Android platforms, but we made some experiments with Flutter also.

Nowadays, with unstable energy market, can provide way higher prices in a matter of days, everybody should try to find a way how to save as much energy as he can. Global warming is linked to this topic as well and everybody, who is reducing their energy costs, is helping the planet to be a little healthier and greener.

Core Features


Geofencing is a feature, which you can use to trigger some actions based on your GPS location. When a user enters/leaves some defined radius (for example some distance from your home) and can react to that accordingly. This can be used if you don't want your home to be warm when you are far away. Or on the other hand, if you want to start heating up the temperature automatically when you are returning to that destination.

Customized setup

When you have multiple thermostats and sensors you can set up a different targets for individual rooms. Also, there is a possibility to adapt the temperature to the schedule based on the time or day of the week. For raising your security or loss of heat, detection of opened windows can be used.

Third-party integration

tado° supports its usage with the integration of Apple HomeKit, Google smart home, or Siri

Reporting of your house status

Applications provide to users some useful charts and data about their costs or stats about heating. Condition of the heating boiler or humidity of individual rooms can be guarded here also.


About a third of global energy is used by people heating and cooling buildings. Here is when tado° comes to the scene, who can help you save up to 31 % of this energy. tado° is an IoT project that let its users control their home environment remotely with their smart thermostats and services. Your home is the ideal place to start saving energy. 79% of the total energy consumption in a household goes on heating and hot water.

A mobile app is connected to a controller and to IoT sensors, that you can set up to manage temperature, humidity etc. at your home, even if you are not there. tado° provides you also some tips to get healthier air at your home. Now you can live comfortably without worrying about your energy consumption.

More about our tado° participation can be found on our blog.

“With the help from MeguMethod, we managed to quickly release functionality loved by our customers - functionality helping them improve their comfort in their homes while reducing their energy usage. What we also particularly like about MeguMethod, is that the communication between us is very easy.”

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Group Engineering manager at tado°
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