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Oriflame App

Mobile e-commerce application for a worldwide company


Partnership with Oriflame Sweden started as a small project that should wrap their website into a mobile application. Currently, we are working together for over 6 years on an application that serves more than 1 million users per month. The main purpose is to let its partners manage and create offers for themselves as well as for people that are cooperating with them. Thanks to this app, partners don't have to carry paper catalogs with them - they are no longer needed to be printed, which is also more ecological and it reduces the costs.

Oriflame app makes it easier to manage offers in more than 62 markets and contains thousands of items in its selection. Different markets have customized solution - different types of payments, different backend, and so on.

Core Features

Webview container, Cookies injection

The app consists of 5 tabs that are wrapping a Webview container. Some of the specific pages are implemented as native, some screens are embedded. It was a challenge to handle navigation between native and web screens, all inside a webview. The important part is to use injecting cookies so the websites know the user's preferences.


We are obtaining data from multiple systems and computing values for drawing charts, so they can help brand partners to know, how are they doing in the current period compared to the previous one. These charts can also be used as a “teaser” for another app that is used just for data analysis - BussinessApp.

Anonymous Access

The “AA” as we called it, is a native part of the app that allows users to browse Oriflame’s catalog and products without creating an account. They can see every color of the product on one page and choose the one that suits them the most. It is possible to mark products as “favorite” or to add products to a shopping bag and continue by creating an account as the last step.

Browse the invoices of clients offers

Users of the Oriflame beauty app can also see all their invoices in one place, check their status, and pay or download them in multiple formats.

62 countries

The biggest challenge for this project is to use a dynamic configuration of the app to reflect every country's requirements. This app is literally used all around the world. That brings handling of different APIs, payment methods, languages, etc. Countries can run on different generations of systems and migrate from one to another without releasing a new version of the app and requiring users to update the app.


We have created a webview application that tries for the user to be as comfortable as a native application can be. It is an electronic form of catalog including new products every month. Users are kept in touch by targeted push notifications, which are added value brought by native solution.

The most challenging part is to use the client’s website with minimum change while keeping high-security standards in authorized parts of the app. The whole project was refactored multiple times in all these years of cooperation, so it fits modern standards as using only Kotlin in the Android platform, the architecture of current trends, and so on.

„We are partners with MeguMethod since 2017 and what a ride it is! Together we overcame and resolved an incredible amount of technical challenges on both key platforms (iOS and Android) to deliver stable and successful products despite the very complex Oriflame IT infrastructure and far-from-simple business model. Over those years we have never experienced a single personal issue preventing us to achieve essentially anything despite the core team dedicated to Oriflame kept changing naturaly. I have always appreciated the essential values of all MeguMethod people from their CEO and CTO down to the dev teams demonstrating: professionalism, friendliness, dedication, honesty, integrity, curiosity, and customer focus. I am very happy and feel privileged that you have been part of my life and work experience.“

Jan Budín
IT Solution Expert
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