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NN web portal

New mobile-first website of client portal


NN insurance company planned a new client portal for life and pension insurance. We were asked to help with front-end and back-end. We appreciated the opportunity to gain experience in the insurance industry and also welcomed the option to work using agile methodology in time and material system.

It was exciting to join a corporate environment in the middle of agile transformation. The decision was made to discard old portal framework with technical debt and a vendor lock. This meant working with specific technologies - React and .Net. We also had to consider high-level security standards.

We have formed a whole team to deliver this project and connected to cooperate with NetGlade, which was responsible for the back end part.

Core Features

Components with the top reusability

We had to cooperate with client's internal developer team during design and implementation processes. We built easy to use components for multiple web-based projects. These components are going to be used by internal developers.

SMS confirmations

The app has specific actions which must be confirmed via a code from SMS. We discovered this wasn't an option. This was a must have - based on client's business and corresponding legislatives.

Automatic logouts

The authorization and authentication are provided by client's app developed by another team. This was a certain limitation during implementation.


Creating a client portal must be made with a high focus on intuitive UX and the likable UI of the new design. We are glad that we were trusted to be a part of the definition process, which features are going to be made, and how they should look like.

Considering the fact that this app should be easily accessible to users, it has to be taken into consideration app will be used on mobile phones. This portal is a mobile-first enterprise project, so the design has to be reliably responsive. The original version (before rework) was for only desktop PCs and was already outdated. Users can use our new application to manage their contracted insurance completely. Also, there are some tips for them, on how to optimize their all portfolio of products.

We were asked to help our partner with the “testing” part from our house of Quality assurance. It was necessary to establish the output testing process and teach part of our client how to test properly and systematically.

Cooperation with MeguMethod brings me joy. All external colleagues have not only high expertise in technologies, but also are capable of owning a product and feel proud about it.

Vít Miština
Head of Technology Client Pillar at NN
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