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Peer-to-peer platform for the sport community


Have you ever been on a vacation and didn't want to just lay on a lounger and catch the sun? You wanted to do something more active, but you haven't got any needed equipment? The same thing happened to Jan Hanuš (former CEO of Mall Group) and it crossed his mind how to deal with this deficit in the market.

He came to us with his idea of an Airbnb-like platform, where you could rent sports equipment (for example mountain bike) in a local area abroad (or in your country as well). We did like the idea a lot, so we sat at a drawing board and empty post-it stickers and started to shape the idea from the scratch. Together, we have created a new brand, analyze the needs of the target group by story mapping and validated the idea with the lean canvas technique. It is very important for us to work on “meaningful” projects that can potentially succeed (read more on our blog).

Core Features


Applications are using Mapbox (more about using it here) for displaying all the offers of renting gear or guiding/training by local dudes. With the potential of thousands of POIs, there has to be done some grouping when showing them. We also have to have in mind situations when one user has a lot of offers at one location.

Managing offers

After filling in mandatory credentials (like IBAN etc.) users can create their own offer that will be shown to the rest of the community. It goes without saying users can also edit it. Sharing the bid to social networks or anywhere else is available also. Not only community can share its gear, experts can also offer guiding and coaching to other people to boost their sport experience.


When a traveling dude tries to book an offer from the local dude, a conversation, connected to this transaction, is created. There are some default system messages about the transaction, but users can contact each other directly also.


A P2P marketplace as a service platform, that saved us a ton of time as we didn’t have to reimplement Auth servers, APIs, transaction process management and admin interface. That’s all included for a reasonable price, all we had to do was to design a custom data fields that we use for Dudelo.


A payment gateway that’s super easy to integrate to both backend and mobile apps. It was fun to implement.


Dudelo is a global peer-2-peer platform connecting sports dudes from around the world so everybody can enjoy the sport wherever they are. No matter if you are a biker, a runner, a climber, or a paddleboarder, Dudelo connects you with other dudes keen on your sport, so you can have fun together, train, or explore new places like a local. And there is more to get! You can guide, train, or rent your equipment to others when you are not using it and get paid for it.

It was processed by our design concept and then we defined the roadmap and created an MVP. The whole project was implemented in partnership with us, so we cooperated from the strategy analysis and designing product, through implementation, to launch and support production after the release.

Users can use native mobile apps that contain some small parts in a webview container to lower the costs of production. We are using Sharetribe platform as a peer-to-peer marketplace as a service, which saved a lot of money during the development. Payments are done with the help of the platform Stripe.

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