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An application Dentvis, more like a startup, is designed to be used by orthodontists. We cooperate on this project since its beginning. The first step was to fill in lean canvas, followed by design workshops. After that, we created a proof-of-concept prototype and we were upgrading it since then. The main core of the app is implemented in Unity and the main purpose of the app is to transfer 3D scans of teeth and jaws to a 3D model, which can be processed into a simulation of moving teeth during its aligning treatment.

As a result of that, manufacturing invisible braces can be cheaper by tens of thousands of Czech crowns compare to using a model made of gypsum. Thanks to our app, an orthodontist's life is much easier (the process is faster and much more comfortable). The app is focused mainly on iPads, but we have created also a version that supports Windows OS.

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