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Digitization of internal processes: Away with paper and employee frustration

Let's take a closer look at why it makes sense for us to focus on internal processes and digitize them.

Digitization of internal processes: Away with paper and employee frustration

Time has allowed companies to breathe. For a while, they stopped chasing profit or growth and began to deal with an underlying matter - the optimization of internal processes. This important part of business has the power to streamline the operation of a company, remove the frustration felt within teams from repetitive activities and free their hands and minds for meaningful expert work.

Let's take a closer look at why it makes sense for us to focus on internal processes and digitize them.

Away with paper and unnecessary work

Did you know that accountants today function in an inefficient pyramid with few senior positions and a plethora of assistants, trainees and juniors? They spend most of their time (sometimes up to 80 %) copying receipts and sticking them to pages of paper, which is quite useless work in the 21st century, don't you think? Especially when the technology is currently available. The basic administration is easily automated by digitization and the accountants will become partners of the highest management positions in the company, and thanks to the data available they will improve business results for their bosses and clients.

In fact, it could be said that not using today's readily available technology for your business is a sin.

“Paper is great for drawing pictures or taking personal notes. However, paper tends to slow down the transfer of information between people.”

digitization of internal processes

Making money is great, but can you save it?Digitization will help you

Web or mobile applications for solving internal affairs save a lot of money and can fundamentally help in cost optimization. Web andmobile applications for companiessimplify processes within the company and offer a really wide range of uses from digitization of accounting and logistics processing, through working with budgets, attendance solutions, booking rooms and time of colleagues, to teaching knowledge or transferring values ​​within the company. And that's not all.

When to rush to digitize internal processes?

  • Do people in the company say something is going wrong or slow?
  • Do they not have time for their work?
  • Are they missing certain information?

This is exactly the moment when something needs to be changed. Revealing inefficiencies in your company is a very important step.

“Another alarming situation is when employees start to get frustrated by internal processes or repetitive activities. Of course, this can have various causes. But if it's happening in the company as a whole, it's good to at least start thinking about digitization. "

In the beginning, it is enough to find only one thing that can be digitized. It can also be a minimal part of the whole process, which themobile application for companies will help withand other needs may appear gradually… Maybe if employees have a mobile application, the whole process will be even faster. Or maybe a new website feature will make the work of another ten employees easier. There are no limits to the subsequent options.

Boxed software or tailor-made solutions?

For the first time, probably everyone will tend to reach for a boxed solution because they don't know exactly what they need. In practice, however, it often turns out that the solution should be a bit more "attuned" to the processes that are in place in the company (or more specific) or other functions should be added.

Here are two options.

Either arrange with the company that supplies the software to modify it (which can be quite expensive), or start thinking about a tailor-made solution that will already be 100% set up for your specific business processes.

In general, it can be said that specific customer software is a good solution when we clearly know what we want. But we will probably find out only after trying the boxed software.

How to develop an applicationor internal system well?

Ask the people who will use it, it should definitely not be controlled by senior management. All decisions should be made by those who will work with the new system and use it on a daily basis. Only they know what is needed and how the process works.

"Unfortunately, it often happens that senior management wants to streamline processes through digitization, but they invent a system themselves and force their people to work within it. And that's often worse than better. "

In addition, the design of the system by the employees themselves will help with quick adoption, because it was they who were involved inthe development of the application.

What internal processes have we simplified?

Are you still hesitant and don't know what to imagine solution wise given the issue of process digitization? We can introduce you to the internal systems and applications we have already created:

  • ### Employee training - e-learning application for Oriflame

Oriflame Learning Hub is a platform where consultants and brand ambassadors around the world have all the information from the parent company at their fingertips. They will find all the available courses and training inside it and they can improve and be more effective on their own.

  • ### Digitization of internal accounting

With wflow.com we ensured the transfer of receipts and invoices to the cloud. No paperwork, no gluing on Thursday, just take a picture of the receipt and our special "edge detection" function also cuts down and neatens the corners.

  • ### Management of company budgets

Direct finance is a mobile application for companiesthat is the dream come true for anyone who cares about finance. Thanks to the connection with Mastercard cards, the user immediately knows who is spending and on what. In addition, they can freely transfer money across accounts in a matter of seconds.

  • ### Logistics internal processes

We synchronized all management and delivery of building materials for a certain cement company. Thanks to the application, they have supplier contacts and delivery information in one place, which allows them to plan the construction more accurately.

  • ### Internal systems in healthcare

We have developed applications that help orthodontists design the correct shape of braces for their patients, monitor their development and simulate the final result and movement of teeth. We have also helped optometrists with easier measurement of patients' vision.

Don't take a step back

The coronavirus crisis has shown us that in today's world success requires digitization and there is no need to be afraid of it. On the contrary, it is essential to stop stalling the implementation of it within our internal processes. Of course, it is not visible at first glance and it is not the main indicator or vision for the company (which directly is profit), but even if you have your processes in place, digitization will make communication easier for you and in the end you will earn thanks to it.

A year is usually enough time to see a real return from the streamlined nature of the internal system and then it only brings savings to the company, mostly substantial. Especially at this time, when no one knows in which direction our work will go, it can be the difference between being and not being a company. Maybe in terms of internal system efficiency (even if only because of the possibility of working remotely), a golden era awaits us. Therefore, let us not return to the past out of fear or laziness.

How to develop an internal application? The main thing is meaning

This always applies to mobile and web applications, and we at SYNETECH pay special attention to this. There is no value in creating an application for the sake of just having an application. We believe in web or mobile applications for digitizing internal processes and see great potential in them. They have the power to move the company forward and minimize unnecessary work. It is good to find time to review processes and digitize them.

Do you think it's time to focus on digitizing internal processes? Don't know how to do it?

We have years of experience. We will provide consultation and guide you through the development and digitization process. We will advise on the design, organise an internal workshop, we can design and develop everything.


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