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Digital trends 2020 - focused on mobile. Next steps for your business.

Coronacrisis suppresses the activities of companies and it is almost certain that the business world will change beyond recognition. But the technological world is changing also. To stay up to date...

Digital trends 2020 - focused on mobile. Next steps for your business.

Coronavirus crisis suppresses the activities of companies and it is almost certain that the business world will change beyond recognition. But the technological world is changing also.

To stay up to date, we want to provide you with a regular overview of what is happening in the world of technology, especially the mobile one, so you can take full advantage of the new opportunities to create useful applications for your customers.

Whether you are a businessman, marketer, visionary or technology fan, read on.

What will you learn?

  • Digital trends beyond the current situation.

What is the potential of using mobile phones in business and what do we expect in this respect?

  • Digital trends reflecting the current situation.

How did fashion firms cleverly cope with it and how can it inspire you?

Let's start in general.

Did you know there are 3,000,000,000 smartphones in the world?

Although the market may seem saturated with this number, the opposite is true and we are facing another mobile revolution called 5G.

As technology matures and 5G infrastructure and networks become more reliable, people will soon be able to enjoy an even more intense mobile experience.

The main benefit of the new 5G technology is a significant, approximately tenfold increase in transmission speed, allowing faster internet on mobile phones, further development of the Internet of Things (including autonomous vehicles) or abundant usage of virtual and augmented reality, 360 degree video or holographic phone calls and projections.

Since it is important to reduce physical contact at the moment, we are convinced that these platforms will be the core platforms that will help to digitize purchases and internal processes across industries (especially in e-commerce) - whether it be work from home, e-learning or even accounting management

digital trends and mobile apps

A look into the E-commerce future trends

Most professionals have long anticipated as a business trend the growth of e-commerce segments, up to a ratio of 1:1 in the e-commerce vs physical store relation. However, no one expected the Covid-19 challenge, which would reinforce the importance of online sales and bring about the situation where even originally stubborn opponents of e-shopping buy online now.

In our opinion, the current situation will only accelerate the customers' adaptation of online purchases and make it a market standard. Even after the end of the coronavirus crisis, the habit of buying online will remain in shoppers and is not expected to drop significantly, rather the opossite.

An interesting note: the average turnover of e-shops only on the Shopsys platform was 55 % higher from 1 to 29 March 2020 than in the same period last year.

By the way, we also do e-commerce - read a case study of our five-year cooperation with Oriflame Sweden and e-commerce global app, where global e-commerce trends are described in more detail.

How did they deal with the current situation creatively? Augmented reality trend can save your business

Les Petits Joueurs, an Italian manufacturer of luxury bags and shoes, has introduced a fully virtual showroom where customers can virtually test every product thanks to augmented reality.

Vogue claims that 3D models and augmented reality have raised their conversion rate by 250% even in the current situation.

augmented reality trends

Even before the current situation, augmented reality was foreseen for a great future, incredible $ 215 billion by 2021, and we believe that coronacrisis will accelerate adaptation of the technology and its potential is now much higher than ever. After all, it is currently a great platform that can help you to “not close the shop”.

Thanks to augmented reality, your customer can see how his watch will look like on his wrist, how his shoes or shirt will fit and so on. In calmer times, it is a great thing to differentiate yourself from the competition, and with augmented reality, whether at home or on the street, you can attract potential customers. And that is appreciated today.

By the way, we also do augmented reality. More specifically, we even have our own product named SYNE.VISION. It is an affordable usage of AR for your business. If you were on AppParade 33, you had the opportunity to see a fraction of what our augmented reality can do and if you weren't at our contest, then we cordially invite you to its autumn edition and to virtually get to know our SYNE.VISION below.

Which Czech mobile apps and digital projects were able to take advantage of the situation?

SYNETECH has been developing apps for 5 years, we have been organizing the AppParade competition and we have dealt with over than 70 projects. We want to show you useful applications that dealt with the current situation in an inspirative manner and that come from our meadows and groves (and this time we omit big projects like rohlik.cz, alza.cz …)

For example

  • Nesnězeno (Winner of AppParade 32) helps closed restaurants sell food.
  • Tomáš Šebek's Ulékaře.cz platform relieves overloaded healthcare system, and applications aiming to combat certain types of diseases such as Glucly or CF Hero are trying to do the same.
  • The SmartGuide tourism application, which can now help you travel at least virtually, must not be overlooked.

In short, a brilliant future awaits useful mobile applications.

It is already clear that the current coronacrisis will change society and its habits, and using a mobile phone as a platform to communicate with customers has never made more sense (although we are convinced that in a few years, we would anyway get into the state where only a fraction of people use computers in their free time).

In order to make such communication, tools and adapted products as effective as possible, there is our consulting and product department, which will help you to validate your idea with you and bring it into reality.

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