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Are mobile apps dead already?

We have data that shows us the trend in European countries.

Are mobile apps dead already?

There isn't as much buzz around mobile apps as there was a decade ago. New trends like blockchain and AI have shifted the focus elsewhere. But how is the trend of companies wanting mobile apps holding up? Let's take a look from the perspective of European businesses.

How are SMBs (companies with up to 250 employees) doing with their own mobile applications?

According to a survey conducted in April 2022, it was revealed that nearly 62% of companies with a turnover of up to 10 million EUR are considering or already planning the development of a mobile application.

What digital experiences do European leaders bring?

As part of their digital package, 69% of respondents from the category of European digital leaders mentioned that it includes mobile applications.

Europe is increasingly preferring to shop via mobile

The average European online purchase is increasingly shifting to mobile devices. As indicated by the study above, the average spending in online shopping is growing year by year.


It is clear that SMBs aim to align themselves with European digital leaders. Currently, only 14% of SMBs (compared to 69% of digital leaders) have their own mobile application as part of the digital user experience.

From our experience, creating a new application requires a precise understanding of how it fits into the digital portfolio and what the holistic user experience will look like. This is not an easy task to conceive or establish. If done improperly, it can lead to rapid failure, which may be one of the reasons why many businesses postpone application development.

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