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Are mobile apps dead already?

Are mobile applications losing importance or are they just overshadowed by new technologies? We looked at the data.

Are mobile apps dead already?

The hype around mobile applications isn't as intense as it was about ten years ago. New trends like blockchain and AI have shifted the focus elsewhere. Is this merely a temporary overshadowing by new technologies, or are mobile apps genuinely losing their significance? We've examined data and statistics related to the behavior of European companies and users.

7 out of 10 Czechs shop from a mobile phone

Focusing on shopping behavior, a Mastercard survey from September 2023 shows that Czechs haven't given up on mobile phones. 9 out of 10 Czechs shop online, and 70% of them use a smartphone for their purchases. [1]

The importance of m-commerce, i.e., trading via mobile phones, as an integral part of internet shops, is also confirmed by Insider Intelligence. They suggest that m-commerce has the potential to become the primary channel for shopping and to change consumer buying habits.

Consumers are now more dependent on digital devices than ever before. Insider Intelligence predicts that, over the next five years, mobile devices will become the preferred channel for consumers for online shopping. [2]

Mobile spending in Europe increases annually

This is further confirmed by a study showing that the average European online purchase is increasingly moving to mobile devices, and spending on mobile shopping grows annually. [3]

More than half of European SMBs considering a mobile app

It's no surprise that businesses are responding to market demand. A survey conducted by Statista in April 2022 revealed that in Western European countries, 14% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a turnover up to 10 million EUR already had a mobile application. Additionally, another 34% of SMBs were planning to develop an app, and a further 26% were considering it. [3]

Most European leaders include a mobile app as part of their product

In contrast, leading European companies have long recognized the necessity of mobile apps. 69% of respondents from the category of European digital leaders stated that a mobile app is a part of their digital package. [3]

Mobile apps are a powerful tool for increasing conversion and retaining customers

These data suggest that SMBs feel significant pressure to catch up with digital leaders in Europe. Mobile apps offer small and medium-sized businesses a powerful tool to enhance customer experience. They also bring efficiency in marketing and business growth.

On average, mobile apps have a 155% higher conversion rate than websites. Mobile app users view at least 4 times more products than on websites, and apps are considered faster, safer, and more convenient. The conversion rate for retail businesses on mobile apps is 97% higher than on websites. [4]

User-friendly apps can be a quick way to differentiate from the competition

It’s evident that incorporating digital services such as mobile apps can increase the credibility and professionalism of the offered product. However, from our experience, it’s crucial to know precisely whether a new app fits into the digital portfolio and what the overall user experience will look like. And that is not at all easy to devise or set up.

A lack of user-friendly mobile applications can cause companies to fall behind others and can even lead to their product's failure. This may be one of the reasons why many businesses delay app development. However, mobile apps are definitely not dead.

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