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React.js Developer

Five members of MeguMethod team waiting for you to join!


I'm Tomáš, guarantor of House of Web, and I'm looking for a new addition to my team as a React.js Developer.

Who we are?

❤️ There are 30 of us, we are a company based on holacratic principles, we have no bosses and we work in autonomous teams.

📱We are designers and developers of mobile and web applications.

🤝 Over the past 8 years, we have built a development agency that offers its clients a partnership in the development of software products.

What will you do?

  • You will be part of various projects. From smaller ones like our AppParade to enterprise-scale ones like a client portal for an international insurance company.
  • You can participate in the creation of our tech stack and the development of other developers.

What technologies do we use?

  • The main ingredient for us is React.js, you can't do without it here. If you have 2 years of experience with it, great!
  • You should know Typescript, and we can teach you libraries like MUI and GatsbyJS.
  • We also use React Context.
  • It is a plus if you know: GraphQL, REST API, Apollo, React Query.
  • Experience with services such as AWS or Firebase is also welcome.
  • We keep up with the latest technologies and we learn and optimize web development with each project.
    You can see the total tech stack of our House of Web here.

What awaits you here?

  • We work as self-managing teams based on free principles, without unnecessary reports and hierarchies. We are not a corporation, we have a flat holacratic company structure.
  • Open budget for education.
  • House of Web know-how. Together we define the goals where we want to move ourselves and the entire platform.
  • A bunch of new friends, trips (to Croatia, mountains, water...), regular barbecues, playing sports together, boards or a fridge full of discounted Red Bulls and Mate tea.
  • Office facilities in Letná and the possibility to work from anywhere.

Want to see more under the hood? Read about us:

https://www.megumethod.com/, FB, LinkedIn, IG

Our developers are happy to share their knowledge. Recently, they published an article, for example, about map materials on the web or code linting. And more are on the way!

Want to be a part of the MeguMakers party?

Write to us and attach your CV or LinkedIn.

Our recruiter Adél will get back to you right away 🧚‍♂️

We'd love to see you online first :) We're mainly interested in getting to know each other and aligning our expectations.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Adél Bartáková

Prague Office

Veletržní 820/73
170 00 Praha 7
VAT ID: CZ03521117


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Kristýna will contact you asap and arrange a short call with you. She will tell you more about the job and how we work and live at MeguMethod.

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